Heather Carol

Artist and Poet

On 7th June 2019 I was privileged to present a slide presentation of my work along with three other artists at  an InPractice evening at the Royal Academy in London.

The InPractice evenings are hosted by the Royal Academy as an opportunity for disabled artists and others that would face barriers accessing the art world to share their work in front of an audience.

Particupating in these evenings has helped me greatly by giving me the opportunity to share my work and ideas and to receive feedback from the audience.

This is a free event and these evenings are held  approximately four times a year.

Each artist is given ten minutes to present their work. As I am mute the information about my work was incorporated into my PowerPoint slide presentation,. As opposed to an oral commentary the text appeared at reading speed alongside each image of my work.

                                                                                          During the questions from the audience I wrote my answers in a notebook and one of the organisers                                                                                                read out my responses to the audience.

                                                                                          It was wonderful to share my work and to hear and see the presentations of the other artists.

                                                                                          I am delighted to be returning to present a slide presentation of my work at the InPractice evening on

                                                                                          Friday 20th September 2019


                                                                                          The Clore Learning Centre,

                                                                                          The Royal Academy,

                                                                                          6, Burlington Gardens,


                                                                                          W1S 3ET.

                                                                                          Photo: John Paul O'Neil.         

Heather Carol presenting a slide presentation at the InPractice evening on 7th June 2019.

Photo; The Royal Academy, London.